Agnes Burris Meal 1 – Lunch with Khara

For my first Project Share meal I asked Khara to join me for lunch at a local restaurant in our neighborhood of Clintonville in Columbus, OH.  Prior to this meal, I only knew Khara in passing. Literally. Khara’s son attends the same elementary school as my daughter and we often passed one another walking our kids to school in the mornings.  She seemed really nice and interesting and I had been meaning to reach out to her in some way ever since the school year started and Project Share was the impetus I needed to try to turn an acquaintance into a friend.  We ate and talked and passed my baby, George, back and forth for more than an hour. We talked about our impressions of Columbus (we are both recent transplants), our work and our families. I discovered that, like me, Khara was motherless. Hers lost in a car accident; mine to cancer.

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