Agnes Burris- My second and third meals

2 Birds with one Chris Stone Studio Visit

coffe and donuts in Chris' studio

coffee and donuts in Chris’ studio

I met Chris during the installation of the Concurrent show at EASE. When I learned that he was an artist and saw some examples of his work on his website I asked if I could come for a studio visit. That studio visit seemed a good opportunity to share a meal as part of Project Share. That meal consisted of a boston cream, apple fritter, and glazed sour cream washed down with coffee and tea all courtesy of Tim Horton’s. Chris found a knife and cut all the donuts in half.  We talked art, kids, Columbus, Miami, advertising, and the art-historical baggage associated with the human figure. Then George (the baby) got crabby. So Chris did the dishes.

Final Meal with Jane Hoffelt

Jane and I were hungry

Jane and I were hungry

One day at church Jane told me that she loved me. We had never spoken to one another before. She said that she loved all of the work I had been doing with the kids at St. Stephens and with the gallery and even my posts on our neighborhood listserv.  Obviously, I loved her back and invited her to breakfast. She expressed interest in my work so we decided to eat in my studio. I got lots of goodies from Lucky’s (i highly recommend the cheddar chive scones) and we ended up having a pretty intense conversation about peace, care-giving, death and sibling dynamics.  She gave me a copy of the children’s book she wrote with her sister and the current CMA catalogue of the artist Paul-Henri Bourguignon whom she represents.

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