About the Participants

Jen Schmied

joe1Joe Rutter
My name is Joe, and I’m not nearly as grumpy as I look in this photo.. I picked it however because it shows two of my interests, cycling and reading. I’m a long time member of the Ohio State community, as a student, an alumnus, and an employee. I’m also a member of the Saint Stephen’s community and an enthusiastic supporter of the EASE gallery space. I have many artist fjoe2riends and find creative people to be the most interesting associates. I was drawn to the Share a Meal project for two reasons; I am not naturally gregarious so having a reason for me to reach out and commune with people I don’t know well is good for me, and I am descended from a long line of potters ( the mascot of the high school I attended is named “Potter Pete” who has a kiln for his head) so I was turned on by the idea of receiving some hand made dishes to use during the meals.
Agnes Burris

Karl StevensKarl Stevens
I’m an Episcopal Priest and one of the organizers of the EASE Gallery.  I always dabble in one form of creativity or another.  I have a few stories published, have written a few books (which no one has read), and have gotten interested in illuminated texts.  You can see some of my efforts at http://kpbstevens.tumblr.com.
Bill Platt

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